Quote I am meditating on

be stronger then your biggest excuse

A lot of people (including me)  automatically find excuses for a lot of things .. why something is not working … and has no chance to work. If we get more and more honest with ourselfs on our personal journey we have the chance to increase our quality of life dramatically. When we seperate the truth from our excuses we can get over the excuses and work on the topics that are holding us back.

A book that touched me. 

Primary Greatness: The 12 Levers of Success
by Stephen R. Covey

Here you can buy the book: https://www.amazon.de/-/en/Stephen-R-Covey/dp/1501106589

This book is a collection of essays that Sean Covey, then son of Steven R. Covey collected. The primary topic of the book is it to show that a life of greatness derives from a life filled by values. 

I like it a lot as it gave me daily inspirations and a lot of good thoughts and reflection where I questioned myself back and forth what I can change in my approach how I see myelf and the world. 

One of the partes that struck me a lot was:

Infinite power comes from our true principles. In comparison, most people try to create their power from their achievements. However, this is especially often dependent on other people’s evaluations and is therefore short-lived and very unreliable.

Song that I am listening to

Mantra: Ra Ma Da Sa, Sa Say So Hung


 This mantra consists of the words:

Ra – Sun
Ma – Moon
Daa – Earth
Saa – infinity
Saa – infinity
Say – You
So Hung – Your personal identity.

This mantra is from the kundalini yoga It was created by Yogi Bhajan.

The mantra Ra Ma Da Sa is said to help with depression by helping us to let go of old thought patterns and to look at life with a positive attitude. This mantra is activating your frequencies for self healing or can be used to send healing to other people.

You can chant it for yourself or just go into your personal meditation pose. 

I listen to it when I write my morning pages. The mantra brings me into a deep relaxed state and allows my thoughts to flow freely.